Wild Horse

The main protagonist. The hero.

Little is known of Wild Horse’s origins, and he gives very little away. From what can be gathered he spent some time in a meadow and some time in a stable before turning away from the traditional horse lifestyle, and deciding to co-rent a house with a guy in the city. Wild Horse is known to possess a dangerously sharp wit, a brilliant knack for hatching schemes, and an insatiable appetite (primarily for carrot cake and sugar lumps).

Wild Horse’s feelings towards the Man are difficult to ascertain. Certainly, it would seem that Wild Horse derives pleasure from tricking, mocking and stealing from him, however is that the only reason Wild Horse still lives with him? Does Wild Horse even consider him a “friend”? According to Wild Horse: “No.”


The Man

The Man is a much more open book than Wild Horse. He had a standard upbringing in the suburbs before moving out to live on his own when he was 22. Having never struggled through any serious hardships in his life, he possessed a very kind yet passive personality. After advertising for a new room mate (after his previous one left the country to evade a tax audit), Wild Horse snapped at the opportunity and wouldn’t allow the Man to refuse, no matter how many “but you’re a horse!” type protests he made.

Living with Wild Horse has hardened the Man up to a degree, and you may even occasionally see him fire a couple of shots back at Wild Horse every once in a while. But, for the most part the Man is no match for Wild Horse’s cunning, wit or deceptiveness. The Man’s dream is to one day ride Wild Horse, however that seems extremely unlikely to ever come to fruition and according to Wild Horse: “his name would have to be put on a gravestone if he ever tried.” Speaking of which, what was his name again?


Mild Horse

Wild Horse’s counter-point. His nemesis. Mild Horse is the exact opposite of Wild Horse: conservative, dull and boring. His favourite type of fun is fun in moderation. Naturally he clicks well with Man. They often go horse-riding together and are close friends.  However, as you might expect, Wild Horse can barely stand to be in the same room as Mild Horse. This hatred seems most irrational when you consider how pleasant and mild-mannered Mild Horse is. Nevertheless, the differences between the two horses has meant Mild Horse is rarely seen these days.

We would delve in to Mild Horse’s history here, but it is quite dull so we won’t dig too deep. Needless to say he followed a similar path to Wild Horse, spending some time in a meadow, some time in a stable and then in to the real world. Unlike Wild Horse, he retains his customised saddle so that he can take people horse riding. He also has quite a knack for always facing left.

The fact that two of the very few talking horses in the world are mortal enemies is quite a tragedy when you think about it.


Shopkeep Bob

Entering the series in volume 16, Shopkeep Bob became an instant hit with Wild Horse! fans due to his charming looks, sensational moustache, and his fantastic shop keeping abilities. Not much is yet known about Shopkeep Bob’s past, but you can be sure that will change as he becomes a more influential part of Wild Horse!