This site is officially open! Giddyawp!

New comics will be posted every Thursday. On Sunday/Monday I will post a “guest artist” Wild Horse! strip, so if you get a few minutes and have a cracking idea, why not send one in? Very much open to your own interpretation of Wild Horse! here. I might even go as far as to put up a “How to Draw Wild Horse” guide to explain the finer points of the intimidating illustrations.

Don’t forget also to take a photo of yourself with a Wild Horse tattoo and send it in. These things are catching on BIG TIME, so you really want to be on board from day 1 to maximise your coolness factor. Additionally, if you want to send me or Wild Horse an email, hit that link up top. You can ask questions, talk shit, or make suggestions – the world is your oyster.

The shop is pretty basic at the moment, I will work on getting some better designs up. If there’s anything you want in particular let me know. I know I can’t wait to walk around town sporting a Wild Horse! t-shirt. Or, if you are a bit more conservative and prefer fun in moderation, perhaps a Mild Horse t-shirt could be more your style (sadly these have become a common “worst enemy” gift).

You can also follow Wild Horse on facebook to get updates, if you feel so inclined:

Other than that, enjoy!