This is where I put all the strange things that I make. Other than the comic that is…

You may be unaware, but next year will be the Chinese “Year of the Wild Horse”. Here is a greeting card you can use:


This is a picture of pacman I drew. He is winking and giving the thumbs up. I was 22 when I drew this. Why does everyone keep asking me that?!!


Before eating at a Mexican restaurant one fateful night, I decided to give Harry Markowitz a call and together we designed an efficient frontier for ordering Mexican food. It worked perfectly until I broke the corona constraints by ordering 5 jugs of sangria. Markowitz was ropeable.


This my notorious “Ready, Steady, Cook GDP Growth Host Breakdown”. After putting this in the description of one of my comics I was approached by several economic publications begging me to let them print it. Unfortunately for them I did economics at university so have learned to thoroughly hate economists (except for me). I told them to shove it. Let the Australian economy rot! Muhahahaha!!!!!



I don’t like reality TV shows.


I also wrote a “How to Draw Wild Horse” guide which is compulsory reading for any would-be artist!!