Dear reader,

If you have a passion for all things awesome. If the mundane world is bringing you down. If people seem to be unable to recognise that you are somehow, indescribably better than them… welcome home. You too are a wild horse.

You were born a wild horse. You have always been a wild horse. Regular people are unable to recognise a wild horse when they see one, and are therefore under the illusion that we are all equal. Not so. However, ignorance is bliss for these types and so before you start rubbing your superiority in their faces, realise this: With great horse power, comes great horse responsibility.

Finding this website was no accident! Whether you realise it or not, a wild horse you know has recognised you for what you are, and directed you here. Congrats. For you this is Day One.

Things you can do better than normal people:

  1. Run faster.
  2. Jump higher.
  3. Party harder.
  4. Sleep standing up.
  5. Enjoy a more refined and high-brow form of humour.

It is point 5 that is the purpose for this website. You have most likely been frustrated by the limited sense of humour shown by people you encounter in your daily life. You have probably found yourself not raising so much as a smirk at the woeful excuse for a comic section in your local newspaper. You may have even died a little inside after enduring yet another explanation-of-exactly-what-just-happened type comment by a certain infamous basset hound.

It was for you that this comic was made. Yet if you expect to find only jokes, guess again. You can expect to experience a full spectrum of emotions as themes are explored and values and beliefs are tested. Finally, if you are thinking of sharing this comic with others I have no objections other than for you to make sure you only show those that you know for certain to be fellow wild horses.


Wild Horse.