This here’s a comic for all the fellas, getting hurt by things that horses tell us, in a car crash coz you’re over-zealous, win the girl anyway Wild Horse gets jealous.

It’s been a little while but that’s only because I got addicted to this “happiness” app on my phone and it made me too content with my life to bother about things that aren’t sunsets, pinot grigio and john denver’s greatest hits. Fortunately, I was forced to take public transport the other day and the experience was so traumatic I completely snapped out of it, and am back to my good old gloomy ways – drawing comics as a means of passing the time as I creep only too slowly towards sweet nothingness. It’s pretty dark and cool and if I was on a netflix documentary I’d smoke like a thousand cigarettes.

I really could have named this comic a bit more aptly but I’m hoping this might be an irresistible search engine click for anyone searching for “horses and facts that i probably won’t believe but go on anyway…”. Hopefully this boosts me up in the rankings above Horse Rugs Australia who snuck in while I was on hiatus, and are a bunch of losers who have exactly zero comics on their website, and sell exactly none of my wild horse comic merchandise.

While I’m in the mood, I might as well add a few more “hot” buzzwords to gets some sweet meta seo action: boobs, bitcoins, bigfoot, WWE Wrestlemania, what is kimchi?, Harvey Weinstein, FREE fidget spinners, big boobs, post offices near me.

Peace out!