Do you know I once used to upload 2 comics a week? Anyway… here’s a new comic from the legendary Wild Horse comic artist known only as ‘Greg’. Well actually sometimes I call him ‘Greggles’, but really that’s just a variation of ‘Greg’ so I feel like it falls within in the over-arching ‘Greg’ family. I have several flow charts I could show you on this topic but today i’m all about the business, whereas Greg name diagrams fall squarely under pleasure.

I love this comic because it’s a gentle but necessary reminder that people who use the official NATO Phonetic Alphabet when they aren’t a member of the North American Treaty Organization or the Bloodhound Gang are really weird and annoying. Do you really feel the need to learn like 26 different codes to make up for the fact you can’t think of a single word that starts with a certain letter when crunch time rolls around? Admittedly that happens to me almost every single time but I still back myself in because screw learning 26 of anything, that’s my motto.

So anyway, Greg’s latest “thing” is that he fractured his ankle while out chasing pokemon [citation needed]. Fortunately, because of his work for the government he’s managed to save up 28937.5 hours of flex-time so that he can relax for the next 723 weeks while he recovers. But if the recovery takes longer than that he might have to use a few of his 80 annual sick days. He could use his annual leave too but I think he wants to save that up for his holiday decade once he turns 30. The point is he can now give you an in depth comparison of the pros and cons of every Law&Order spinoff series which is just too much.

When writing that last sentence I was all like ‘I wonder how many spinoff series there actually are?’ and then got 1000% sidetracked by this new one that’s coming out called Law&Order: You The Jury. Check it:

Law & Order: You the Jury[1] is an upcoming spin-off courtroom docudrama that will allow viewers to decide the verdict on real legal cases and to vote on the veracity of witnesses and persuasiveness of evidence throughout the trial. It will air live.

REAL legal cases? I can decide on the outcome of someones life while eating mi goreng noodles distracted by my phone sitting on the couch in a totally different country with different laws (using an internet proxy) wearing my cowboy pyjamas? What a time to be alive.

Peace out!

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