Well it’s been a little while but it gives me great pleasure to unveil this little gem. The comic is A+ quality so it makes sense that the artist-who-drew-the-comic’s name starts with the same letter of the quality value of the respective comic to which the value was assigned… ‘A’! (You don’t need to re-read that sentence to check if it makes sense because it definitely does and so do all my sentences and get off my back I finished university once).

Anyway her name is Alex. Alex is great because she’s the only openly lizard-person I have met. By now it’s pretty much accepted by any scientific resource that lizard-people make up 20-40% of the world’s population, but most reptilian’s prefer to keep their species a secret. Not so with Alex; while she won’t go out of her way to tell people, if someone calls her on it “hey excuse me miss, are you actually a lizard?” She’s all like “yeah, you got me, I’m a bit of a lizard-person, yeah.” And I just think that’s great.

She’s also really bad at being a lizard-person because, as we all know, lizard people are all trying to gain political influence to take over the world that way. Alex took a pretty unorthodox approach to this when she decided to study Marine Biology. Unless the reptilian’s are kinda hedging their bets that there might be a bit of a Waterworld type situation approaching, you really don’t see too many politicians who spent their tertiary years investigating whether lobsters get jealous of other lobsters who have bigger claws (they do!). Anyway I think from a human perspective we should really try and promote the lizard-people who are really bad at doing their jobs of enslaving humanity because that’s just as good as them being on our side except for the fact that they are secretly trying to hurt you and any emotion you think you feel towards them is a lie.

Having said that though, Alex’s plan to write a Wild Horse comic to gain popularity and influence is an absolute master stroke. The last guest artist, Tam, was down and out and sleeping on a motorbike when he sent his comic in (everyone told him just to sleep next to the motorbike but he insisted), and now he’s running Scotland!! (Not officially but behind the scenes… Tam’s also a lizard-person FYI). So it’s clearly a pretty smart way to raise your social standing.

Anyway that’s enough about lizard-people. Thanks heaps to our debut guest artist Alex for the best comic that I’ve seen in yonks, and for not getting upset at me for calling her a lizard-person on my comic website for the whole world to see. Cool.

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