I’m sure your jaws have all collectively dropped due to how much my artistic talent has improved since my last comic. That’s because I spent the last year travelling the globe and studying with some of the most prominent artists of our time. It was a challenging experience, and at times really tested me as an illustrator, but I think the results speak for themselves.

The most unrealistic part of this comic is that Sam likes Neil Young and Crazy Horse. Crazy Horse would have to be the most detrimental addition to any musical ensemble since John Lennon ruined Yoko Ono’s career, or that time Carlos Santana tried to get in on Chad Kroeger’s skeeze. Give it a rest Carlos.

I noticed too that after my last comic a year ago, I said that my brother won the annual Mother’s Day “Favourite Son” cooking competition. I can happily report that this year my mother decided not to judge which of her offspring is the best in front of the other one in case they suffered an emotional breakdown that would cause them to abandon their hopes and dreams of becoming the worlds greatest comic writer for about a year. It’s good to see mum growing up. She’ll be a fine woman one day.

In other news I spilled honey soy sauce on myself and was able to wash it out. I have living life down to a fine art.

Peace out.