This comic was written for the Adelaide University magazine which is gradually bringing me out of retirement. The main inspiration for this comic is my insane love for reality television. If it wasn’t for reality television I’d be able to write more comics. But the amount of reality television orientated comics would decrease by 100%. I guess its a (peter/paul, shitty) type situation. Whatevs.

In other news, my other love, tennis, is about to explode with the French Open starting soon. My tip is to bet heavily on all the Aussies in the first round then bet heavily against them. They love to toy with my emotions like that.

Finally, I’d like to dedicate this comic to my mother in a last ditch effort to retain my ‘golden child’ status. Unfortunately I lost the ‘Mothers Day Classic’ cook-off against my evil brother who played dirty (a mushroom, prosciutto, and fetta salad? Have you no shame?). But I’m confident that with the help of this comic, and the fact I see her every time I go home to wash my clothes, I can win back my title.

Peace out.