This is another one of those “real life” comics that will one day be used in a documentary about me and, specifically, how I managed to starve to death despite having enough money in bank account to buy more than 13 sandwiches! My daily lunch ritual is now just going to the nearby shops and peering through the windows to see if there has been staff turnover yet.

In other news, now that the playstation 4 has come out I finally have access to a playstation 3. The graphics are great compared to my playstation 2. My plan to stay a generation behind game consoles as they come out has succeeded magnificently. I am looking forward to the playstation 5 coming out in a few years because I hear the playstation 4 is gonna be rad.

Also, I just got sent a great new guest comic from a fan which should be up sometime next week, so stay tuned.

Peace out!