This comic was written overseas. The friend I was travelling with was in the unfortunate position of having to buy a shirt for the opera we were seeing that night. He kept asking me for advice on whether or not the shirt he tried on “looks shit”. Having never complimented another man on his outfit, and not planning to start any time soon, I decided to switch off the old brain and just throw ambiguous adjectives at him. It was all in vain anyway as it turns out that German people don’t really dress up for the opera any more. It probably comes from having 10 operas a day that they’re just a bit over it. Good for them.

My latest plans include making a new show for A&E called “Ice-Road Cajun Mega Auction Pawn Star Wars”, starting a new review site for wine called “Tannin Hunter”, and betting heavily on the sydney swans to beat the dockers. If even one of these ventures succeeds I’ll be rich. And then I can stop having to write these comics to pay the bills. Superlative!

Peace out!