Sorry about my hiatus: exams and all that. Not that I personally had any exams myself, but I empathised so much with those poor students that I couldn’t do anything except sit and worry, and occasionally go to the beach, and watch some cricket and play a bit of tennis and hit up a few bars. It tore me up inside.

Luckily, Greg sent me in this genius comic to snap me back into being a… guy that sometimes draws comics. Greg was all like “hey buddy, draw some more comics.” And I was all like “okay Greg.” We have a lot of chemistry like that. In fact, it was a good thing that Greg once said to me “hey buddy, make sure you continue working hard through high school so your options will be open after you graduate, but make sure you also keep playing your sports to keep you healthy, and don’t watch too much TV, try reading some books instead and DON’T EVER give into the skinny jeans trend or you’ll look like a hipster dickhead.” Apart from that last thing I treated those words as gospel and now I own a car with a ten-stacker and my pockets are full of stacks of tens. #thuglife

This comic rang a bell with me given that I always tend to bleed heaps when I play sport. It’s partly because I lack the human instinct to break my fall with my arms when I fall over, and it’s also partly due to the fact I always fall over. I have only ever needed one thing from the first-aid kit: band aids. I have never found one. My favourite addition to the first-aid kit is the pen and notepad, as if you would start writing down symptoms and get a Dr House brainstorming session going to conclude that the player who just collapsed had a perforated intestine and bacterial infection that spread through his blood and infected all his organs. I like the belief they have in you as an amateur soccer player to make those sort of calls.

Anyway, thanks Greg for sending in another brilliant comic. Regular updates will restart next week.

Peace out!

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