As you have probably already figured out from the smooth lines, the delicate curves, the exemplary handwriting, and the hilarious twist this is another Greg original! Greg had this to say for himself:

Here’s a thing that I did.

I got the inspiration for it through the medium of a text message. A mate that I take to work sent me a text which simply read “5:20?”. My immediate reaction was that he was asking about a bible verse. Although it only took about 0.8 secs to realise that he was just trying to confirm the time that we’d head home that day, it made me wonder why that would be my first reaction at all, especially given that neither of us are religious. I still don’t know. It’s probably not a common occurrence for such confusion to transpire in regular society, but the ramifications of it are potentially hilarious, as seen here. This is the first of 2 critical social commentaries examined in this comic.

The second is that there are always weird people at train stations.

Greg likes religions from a humour perspective but is quick to add that he hopes religious people find a similar level of humour when they examine atheism. But I’m pretty sure they don’t.

As for me, I’m not down with religious debating any more. I have smaller fish to fry.

Greg was recently in my city again, but has since left. In order to the ease the pain of his absence I decided I would make a comprehensive list of all of his flaws. In total there are 5, all of which are very embarrassing:

Greg thinks martinis taste terrible and hates olives. Yet he has ordered 12 in his life.
Greg secretly harbours the view that Justin Beiber is too good for Selena Gomez.
Greg orders “flat whites” to be fashionable even though he prefers cafe lattes.
Greg doesn’t know what “duty free” means and suspects it is a scam.
Greg struggles to see the difference between black and really dark navy blue.

In contrast, I have 9 flaws, but they are much milder. I will leave what they are as a mystery. Anyways, awesome comic Greg!

Peace out!

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