So good. Greg. So good. Greg. So.

Seriously, Greg is just on fire at the moment. Well, actually he sent me this comic a few months ago. But he was definitely on fire back then!! Maybe he’s not on fire any more? Who knows? …well, okay, I know. But I’ll leave the mystery of whether or not Greg is still on fire alive. But he is.

I also recently heard that Greg is currently in the Big Brother house. He’s using the name “Bradley” so that he doesn’t get stalked after the show. His secret is that he suffers from ornithophobia as the result of an emu attack. That’s true. I was there when it happened. It’s because he forgot to put his hand in the air like an emu beak. Seriously Greg, that’s like, Avoiding Emu Attacks 1.01.

Feel free to answer whether or not you would prefer to shake hands with the president with chocolate all over your face or all over your hand. This is an important question that definitely needs to be answered. I’m inclined to think I’d rather have the chocolate on my hand because, even though it would be gross to touch someone with chocolate on their hand, if the chocolate is on my face it might come off as some subtle racist thing, and nobody needs that.

Peace out!

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