In this hilarious comic Man contracts the deadly hepatitis C virus! Classic! I still remember conceiving this idea during a pleasant summer day as I walked to the ice cream store to see what new flavours they had in stock. “It’s so obvious!” I thought. Why had I never made a joke about life threatening illnesses before? Everyone loves an upbeat take on a downbeat topic. But then I ran it past my usual group of “sounding-boards” by which I mean the people to whom I ask “is this funny?”…

There are exactly 8 people in my Wild Horse review panel, each representing a different section of society. Firstly there is me, although they are all my ideas anyway so I always give myself the nod of approval. Secondly there is me after I have been to sleep, woken up and re-read my idea. That guy usually filters out about 95% of my ideas. Then there is the 13 year-old skater boy. He makes sure my comics have enough rude or aggressive themes, violence, swear words and terms like “dude” and “man”. He actually helped me name Man: Man, man. Next is the mid-twenties “girl” of the group. She makes sure every 10th or so comic has a female character in it. She especially enjoyed the introduction of “Wilda Horse” in Toodie Lee’s comic. After her we have the business representative. He makes sure there is nothing not-safe-for-work in my comics so that he can read them in the office while he pretends to manage funds. He’s blocked a lot of my comics. Contrastingly, there is also the “young hippie”. This guy laughs at everything, and always tells me my comic is “all oaks and ‘erbs”. I like him.

Naturally, the comic featured today got through all these people fine, despite the usual nagging from the “girl”. Unfortunately it ran into trouble with the 7th and 8th members of the focus group, the hipster and the concerned mother. Feedback from the hipster was that I was way too late to be making jokes about hepatitis C. “It hasn’t been funny since Pamela Anderson had it like 10 years ago” he told me. “You need to keep it more topical bro”. The concerned mother was also somewhat… concerned. “You will definitely offend someone with a comic like this” she told me. “Why don’t you get a full-time job instead of writing these silly comics?”.

“Okay” I sighed and put the idea in the “maybe” pile. That was 12 moths ago. Unfortunately, due to the strenuous nature of my focus group, not many ideas have been fully “approved”. So I’ve been digging into my “maybe” pile for the last couple months. It’s a pretty big pile. And there’s some pretty crazy stuff in there. So get ready for Wild Horse to get even wilder.

Quick reminder, if you didn’t see the animated guest comic from the weekend make sure you check that out. Pretty amazing. Another guest comic is coming this weekend too.

Peace out!