Yo party people! Welcome to the first ever ANIMATED Wild Horse comic. This is pretty awesome. When I got sent this I dropped all the cereal I was eating at the time (which unfortunately happened to be a LOT of cereal) and I just sat there freaking out. If you aren’t getting the HAL 9000 reference then go watch a few classic movies, namely A Space Odyssey. Also, Office Space, that movie is great!

This guest comic was sent in by one of the first friends I made in this here web-comic game. He remains a bit of an enigma to me – his twitter name is Crashsuit, and his email name is DB. All I know is that he is the author of Robot Cake Tank which you can find under “friends” on the right. He is quite well known in the comic circles for his animated comics. He once said, to which I agree, that an advantage webcomics have over normal comics is that you can animate them. Unfortunately, one disadvantage of knowing very little about how to do things on computers is that you know very little about how to do things on computers. His fabled animated comics remain a mystery to me.

Apparently Crashsuit grew up in a rainforest (not a tropical, but a temperate one) and he spent his days eating banana sandwiches. That’s pretty much all I want to do ever. Unfortunately we differ on one significant point. He cuts his bananas lengthwise while I cut my bananas across when making sandwiches. He claims that with his method the bananas tend to slip less when eating the sandwich. I argue that trying to cut a banana lengthwise is damn near impossible. Either way, it’s all delicious in the end.

In local news, I have power again at my house so will resume my regular comic schedule with the next one due out on Wednesday. Don’t miss it, it makes light of a very terrible disease! We also have hot water again which is a bonus. I figured out that serial killers don’t take cold showers because they are crazy, but they are crazy because they take cold showers. I did get in the habit of stealing showers at the gym and as a side effect I am huge. As an added bonus I no longer have to go to sleep when the sun goes down. Yeaaaah. Poor sleeping habits, here we come!

Thanks once again to the mysterious Crashsuit/DB man for the amazingly good animated comic! If you too want to be published on Wild Horse, send in a comic! Catch you all on Wednesday/Thursday.

Peace out!