Yo! This comic comes in from one of the most infamous wild horses going around: Jake! You might remember Jake from his now legendary comics “Hung Like a Horse” and “Another Middy“. Or, if that doesn’t spark your memory, I’m sure this will:

Shoutout to the NSW police for allowing me to use that file photo. Check out the Wild Horse neck tattoo that Jake is sporting! What a guy!

It has been a while since Jake last submitted a comic but I am not about to ask him what he’s been up to. Jake is not a guy who likes to be asked about his business, and I’m not sure I really want to know. On a more innocent tone, however, he has started up a music career. You can find a song about backyard cricket here! (with a guest appearance from Simon “Catfish” Katich). The song features some of the all-time great chords of history such as C and G, and lyrics such as “win” and “car”. Check it out!

I also just entered a Super Rugby tipping competition with Jake. While he claims to understand the game at the highest level, after round one Jake has already started to fall victim to tippers gravity, and he is heading south down the leaderboard. Admittedly this only after round 1, but I don’t think we can ignore the trends.

In other news the Adelaide Fringe Festival started on the weekend and I’m already partied out. There are some good acts but I have already been inundated with a call for a live-action Wild Horse theatre production. I am currently writing a script and auditions will be in June. Being a talking horse could be an advantage.

As for still being homeless, I have found that my technique of staying with friends in exchange for slushies is starting to wear thin. It turns out there is a limit to how many consecutive slushies you can drink as a meal, and that number is around 82. I am trying to work out how to turn a slushie into a nutritious breakfast, but my cereal slushie was, in all honesty, pretty gross. I think I may have to wash the slushie maker at some stage too.

I’ll keep you posted on whether I’m alive. Peace!