Here it is! The long awaited sequel to the Nicolas Cage trilogy (if you haven’t seen them yet, here are parts 1 and 2). This inspiration for this comic was the fine acting of Nicolas Cage and, as always, that voice inside my head that tells me what to do. My favourite part of the comic is the idea of a TV that yells “NEWS FLASH” every time there is new news. I think that’s how the news format should work.

This may come as a shock but I actually hid another bonus comic below the main comic. If you look closely you may see it. It is called “Phantom Horse” and follows the adventures of The Ghost Who Gallops. This comic will be brought to you 3 panels at a time which is the perfect format for adventure comics. The first panel will also always contain a wrap up of last weeks’ strip to save you from getting confused. I will bring this comics to you on a weekly basis so, using my current storyboard, the story arc should conclude within 13 years.

Not much has been happening on my end. My house is still getting renovated so it’s just me, on the road, fending for myself, trying to stay alive. My technique so far has been to rock up on a friends door with my slushie maker in my arms. No one can refuse a man with a slushie maker. It’s almost a super-power.

I also, unfortunately, had to travel in to uni while the whole “O-week” thing was going down. I still can’t articulate quite what annoys me so much about watching the excited first years being dazzled about being able to drink a beer on the campus lawns, or the members of the clubs who don’t mind sitting there 8 hours a day 5 days a week trying to recruit people. It occurs to me that I’m grumpy well beyond my years. That makes me extra mad.

Anyway people, keep it classy until Sunday’s guest comic. The artist is a man making a triumphant return!