Hey dudes,

So this is pretty much what my house looks like at the moment. No, it’s not the work of some very thorough thieves… we are doing some renovations. And unfortunately the builders seem to have played Russian roulette with the circuit board so that while we can still turn on the lights in the closet under the stairs and access the power outlet in the garage, we can’t turn on any of the lights in our rooms and useful power outlets such as the one that keeps the fridge running. I have actually been living at a mates place for the last week and will probably pull a similar manoeuvre again.

But anyway this has all been a bit of whining for my benefit before I explain that I can’t scan in a Wild Horse! comic this week. I have it all ready in my hot little hands but naturally my scanner is out of commission due to the aforementioned reasons. Not to worry: I’ll have the usual guest artist comic this weekend and TWO comics next week – one of which will be a cheeky Wild Horse experimental spin-off comic. And if you think the spin-off comic has anything to do with Mild Horse, GUESS AGAIN. No way is that jerk getting his own comic. It’s gonna feature me. Again.

So hang tight until then. It’s going to be a wild ride.

P.S: The picture is not actually my house.