Well Wild Horse has gone away again, this time to the Gold Coast, which means I get full control of the website until he gets back. Having said that, I’m slightly hesitant to dick around with anything – last time he got revenge on me by getting me audited by the taxation department. This time he left me strict instructions to put up the final piece in the Greg Trilogy, and although I want to rebel, I don’t think I could live with myself if I deprived everyone of that. So here it is.

I think this is my favourite from Greg so far. This young artist is clearly an up-and-comer in the same way that NASA is an up-and-comer in space development. I don’t want to ruin any surprises but you may just find some more vintage Greg still to come too!  As for this comic, the fact that the trojan horse idea has alluded everyone so far is quite a mystery – it’s so simple yet so brilliant! And Greg has executed on it perfectly. You can’t help but smile at the cleverness of it all. Try and find me a comic like that in the local paper!!

I’m hoping by now Greg’s “throw-pillow” has arrived. I do like the idea of a pillow designed more for throwing than for comfort. The fact that Wild Horse’s face is getting chucked around is the icing on the cake.

I think I finally have to admit something – I’m not so sure Wild Horse is a very good friend! Some things I’ve noticed are that he never pays rent, he steals money and food from me, he’s rude to me and Mild Horse, he enjoys playing tricks on us, and he has gotten me thrown in jail several times now… and he never pays bail!! I think it’s time I finally taught that horse some manners… stay tuned.