Hey dudes,

Man here again for the Guest Artist post. Wild Horse is still in Sydney, he gets back tonight. He sounded angry on the phone, but I think that’s just because he has to travel cargo on the plane.

Wild Horse left a note for me to put up Greg’s comic this weekend. But you know what? Screw Wild Horse! And screw Greg! (Nah, you’re alright Greg, yours will be up next weekend). Here’s the 4-1-1: People love marathons (except for the running variety). That’s why I’m posting another comic from the extremely prolific artist known only by his first and last name of Rowan and Mount respectively.

As always with Rowan’s work, make sure you look for the subtle details for an extra laugh or two.

I think Rowan was already described last week, so I will instead describe the Caravan and Camping Show for people not familiar with it. The Caravan and Camping Show is the largest and most important event on the Adelaide calendar. Since Adelaide folk don’t have many opportunities to let their hair down, the event also doubles as a social event. In a recent survey it was found that 63% of married couples in Adelaide admitted to having found their partner at the Caravan and Camping Show. That’s serious business! You either find a partner at the show or die alone! Other features of the Caravan and Camping Show include caravans for sale, tents for sale and a wide variety of Adelaide’s finest local cuisine, such as winner tacos and deep fried kiwifruits (a fruit only grown in Adelaide).

Anyway, I’m gonna go watch Magnum P.I.



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