Hey guys, Man here.

Wild Horse is in Sydney for a party so he left me in charge of posting the comics this week. Unfortunately for him I wasn’t too keen on the comic he wanted me to put up. That’s why I’ve instead gone for a comic from my own personal collection. And there isn’t a damn thing that equestrian jerk can do about it! Hah!

I will, however, give a shout out to the boy who’s birthday Wild Horse is in Sydney for – happy birthday Daniel! Daniel is a great guitarist if you like the Kinks and the Darkness in high doses. If you prefer music by any of the other 12,987,271 recorded artists in history then you may not appreciate Dan’s musicianship. But you will appreciate his outgoing-wit, knowledge of simpsons quotes and ability to represent you in court.

I dare say Wild Horse will try and get revenge on me upon his return from Sydney. Hah! What could he possibly do to me?