Amazing! At first I was hesitant to put this one up, but I figure I did so much good work over the last week making females more involved (both with an amazing female guest artist and with vol. 23 – Women, eh?) that I could allow Wild Horse to head further down the path to its logical conclusion. I was also hesitant to put it up because the artist sent it to me in a power point document where each frame was a new slide – I mean really, what am I meant to do with that? But, he did mention what a risky operation it was to scan it in at work, and the fact that if anyone saw it the inevitable horse porn rumours would probably circulate, so I do appreciate his commitment.

The comic was submitted by none other than a Mr Rowan Mount (not to be confused with that other Rowan I hear so much about). “Rowan”! Hah! What a ridiculous name! Why don’t you join the rowing club so we can make fun of you in context as you go gently down the stream… you idiot! Haha. Nah but seriously, I first met Rowan at a party on the wrong side of the tracks. Something about the way he laughed at me when I fell off a pogo stick really irked me. But then Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” came on and we immediately clicked – we both knew all the words and through some unspoken agreement knew precisely who was going to sing what parts during the duets. Later that night we also planned a clever plot whereby I hid under the bed of some girl who gets night terrors and was then going to pop up and scare her (we later argued that this was to cure her of her night terrors and any hiccups she may have been experiencing at the time). Unfortunately the genius of our plan was too much for me to handle and the girl became suspicious when she heard hysterical laughter coming out from under the bed. I then later got beaten up by a girl (separate incident). Rowan was amused.

My biggest concern with putting this comic up is that people might take it as a sign that anything goes! Having already been flooded with some of what I’m willing to bet are the most despicable cartoons ever to have been created in the history of man (except for those freaky Egyptians) would all future Wild Horse artists please use this comic as a guide as to approximately where the line is. Having said that, Tom and Michael, you are some artistically brilliant sick bastards – don’t give up on the dream!

My favourite parts of this comic are the subtleties. I’m not quite sure what the liquid is that oozes from Wild Horses mouth throughout, but I’m guessing alcohol may be somewhat responsible. I also like the pokemon quality Wild Horse develops where he appears to only be able to say his own name. This leads to the question, was Wild Horse’s arrival at the fabled Wild Whores establishment intended or merely the consequence of a breakdown in communication? Perhaps something to discuss at book club. I also like the way that the cops refused to let go of the matter of the broken the wine glasses even in light of the murdered girls. Too often perpetrators go free on that charge. Finally, my favourite part of this comic is the way Wild Horse enters through the clearly marked “exit” door! Hell yeah! Anarchy, baby!

Well done Rowan!


If you have a Wild Horse comic you want to submit, send that puppy in. Except for you, Tom and Michael.