Wow!! I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when I first read this, so I just sat there until it was time for Neighbours.

I’m sure it will come as no shock to learn that this comic was not written by some mere amateur! Matt Vesely (pronouned “veez-lee” or “vz-l“) is a scholar, an artist, a writer and a director. You can check out his official biography (and some seriously awesome short films!) on his webite at, but I will tell you my experiences of the man:

When I was down he lifted me up. When I was hungry he gave me the last bit of his nachos. When I was thirsty he gave me tequila. When I said “let’s go do karaoke” he immediately shotgunned “when doves cry”. When I said “I just want it to be a small gathering” he spread the details all over facebook. When I said “I have an exam tomorrow” he abducted me from my room and took me to see strippers. Simply put, Vesely is my wild catalyst… my muse.

As for the comic, I like the pacing, the slow zoom, the thought provoking words and the drawing. Since Vesely is into movies, I’ll also say I liked the mise-en-scène too. Using French descriptions always does things to those film types. I have no doubt that this comic will one day become an award winning cinematic masterpiece. Until then, well done Matt!


If you have a guest artist comic idea, write it down and send it in, ya scurvy dog.