This guest comic comes in from long time reader Brumby Jack. This is the second comic to be submitted from this prolific artist. His first comic, Hung Like a Horse! was one of the most popular comics in Wild Horse history! I doubt this one will be any different.

What do I love most about this comic? Mild Horse gets exposed for being the subdued, balmy, benign, benignant, bland, breezy, dainty, delicate, demulcent, emollient, genial, ho-hum, lenitive, light, lukewarm, medium, mellow, moderate, mollifying, soft, tepid, vanilla, weak and wimpy horse that he is (thank you online thesaurus!). In addition, I love the unique and trademark artistic style that could only be attributed to Brumby Jack… and a bar setting never fails to excite me (although posting this on a Sunday, I’m glad I ain’t there!).

I know I gave a brief overview of the artist for his last comic, but it turns out that was only one side of the coin. I pulled a few strings with some guys in the know, and it turns out “Brumby Jack” is actually a criminal alter-ego for a once mild mannered small-town boy named Jake. Sadly, the first police record of him was on the 19th of March… just 2 days after the first Wild Horse comic. It stands to reason that Wild Horse has put Jake on a one-way ticket to the darker side of life. I would apologise, but hey! The world needs a few more Brumby Jack’s galloping around.

Anyway here is a couple of pictures the police have on record. The first one is of Jake using his crime money to appreciate the finer things in life i.e. standing on a penthouse balcony in the Gold Coast looking cool:






















And here is one of the infamous Brumby Jack down at the station. Note the now notorious Wild Horse tattoo on his neck. Awesome! Also note that the cops had nothing on him, and he was back on the streets before happy hour:






















The police are currently trying to bring the big guy down, but as of yet they haven’t been able to connect the wild horse to any of his dealings, so he’s still roaming free. You can never cage a Wild Horse! Brumby Jack, we salute you!


If you have a Wild Horse comic you would like to submit, I would love to get my grubby little hoofs on it. So hit the “contact wild horse” link up top and then follow your heart!