So I spent a bit of time making the site run a bit faster, which involved installing the “Make My Website Run Faster” program and pressing the “make it run faster now” button. Unfortunately, in exchange for performing such a helpful task the program felt the need to dick around with all my shit, and so the pages now all have different URL extensions. I know none of you would probably care about any of that, but it had the unfortunate side-effect of wiping out all the facebook ‘likes’ which is essentially what passes for excitement in my sad, boring, exam-approaching world. So yay for you, boo for me. (Also a shoutout to guest artist Josh who wrote what seems to have written the most popular comic to date!)

In other news I worked out twitter and got the whole Wild Horse Says thing happening over there –>. I feel like a bit of a tool using twitter but hey. The twitter thing is linked up to facebook so don’t join both unless you want to be inundated with Wild Horse Master Chef comments which I suspect will make up 90% of all his comments (sadly). To join the facebook/twitter groups click the link on the right. If you are some sort of crazy person who knows whatever the hell RSS is, feel free to subscribe to that too.

Anyway, back to whatever you were doing, which I assume was either putting your pants on both legs at a time or curing cancer.