There are some new items now available in the shop. Particularly popular are the golf shirts, boxer shorts and the maternity shirts. You crazy “hipsters” will also be well looked after. These merchandise items are all hand-made by my grandmother who I have working around the clock to meet orders, so you can rest assured they will be made with love. A special thanks to everyone who has already purchased from the shop, you make it all worthwhile!

My next move is to write into Adelaide’s “The Advertiser” to request the replacement of either “The Wizard of Id”, “Swamp”, “Fred Bassett”, “Beyond the Black Stump” or “Zits” by Wild Horse! I am sure I will be successful. I will post the email correspondence in the Mail section.

A final thankyou to everyone who has submitted a comic! These have been fantastic so far and I am looking forward to receiving even more!